On March 26, 1979, I celebrated my birthday on the train on my way to Rome with my gymnasium high school classmates. It was the beginning of what would become a long series of visits to the Eternal City. But I didn’t know that then. What I did know: I was utterly and utterly blown away by the beauty, atmosphere and lifestyle of this Mediterranean city. I wanted to come back, and back and back, and I succeeded as a university student and PhD candidate. In 1997 this eventually resulted in a permanent residence.

Now I work with great enthusiasm as a guide for Dutch-speaking tourists. I take great pleasure in conveying the beauty and deeper meaning of the monuments of Rome. I would like to give you a fantastic time, which you will remember with great pleasure for a long time to come. In between the information, compelling stories and hidden meanings, I also bring you the sense of beauty and the sacredness in art and architecture.

With anecdotes, reconstruction images, myths, magic and secrets, history comes to life colorfully before your eyes.

My tours are an experience, also for myself!