The daily life of Antiquity nowhere comes alive as well as in Ostia Antica!

Ostia was the port of Rome in Roman times. The city has been largely preserved and excavated, and is one of the best preserved Roman cities in Italy.

The cosmopolitan character of this port city is apparent from the offices of trade corporations from all over the Mediterranean, foreign sanctuaries, market squares, theatre, grain warehouses, shops, bars, apartment buildings. Many are richly decorated with frescoes and mosaics.

We enter, climb and admire it all. And much more: bathhouses, laundries, latrines, graves…

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Practical information
Duration: 2 hours
Group tour (excl. entrance): € 36 p.p.
Private tour (excl. entrance): € 195 total
Entrance: € 10, free <18 yrs.
Accessible from Rome: Metro B Piramide – train Ostia Antica (from Termini Station approx. 45 min., € 1.50 p.p. one way).

Closed: Monday, 25/12, 01/01, 01/05.

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