The colorful and intriguing history of the gladiators and their games in the Colosseum. How was an ordinary day like in this largest Amphitheater? Did you know that there were also female gladiators? Where did the gladiators train and live? What did they look like? Didn’t they feel afraid? What weapons did they have, and how did they fight? Did they really fight against wild animals?

On the Forum Romanum/Palatine hill we’ll discover the Senate House, triumphal arches, we hear about the life of the Vestal Virgins, we see the Golden Milestone, an original Roman road, transport techniques of huge columns and obelisks, antique toilet visits, and much much more.

All nice and easy for kids, with compelling stories, reconstruction images, jokes.

Private tour
Duration: 3 hours
Fee (excl. entrance): € 195 total
Entrance (excl. reservation costs): € 16, € 2 18-25 yrs. (student pass/ID), free: <18 yrs (ID) and disabled (document)
Entrance Podium: + € 6 p.p.

We’ll book your entrance ticket (skip the line).

Note: Entrance ticket is valid for two days to visit the two archaeological sites once.

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