The Roman Forum is the sacred site where Rome originated more than 2,700 years ago and from which it gradually exerted an enormous influence on the world as the center of the Roman Empire. We see the Senate House, and Triumphal Arches, the Temple and the House of the Vestal Virgins, the Temples of Jupiter, Saturn and Romolo, the Golden Milestone, and you hear about the techniques of transport, moving and building, latrines, living, clothing, faith, rituals and much more.

About the colorful history of the gladiators and their games in the Colosseum. How was an ordinary day like in this largest Amphitheater? Did you know that there were also female gladiators? Where did the gladiators train and live? What did they look like? Didn’t they feel afraid? What weapons did they have, and how did they fight? Did they really fight against wild animals?

Historical and art-historical information, and anecdotes, images and myths: the daily life of the emperors and consuls, priestesses, slaves and gladiators, women and children comes to life in their monuments of Ancient Rome!

Practical information
Duration: 3
Group tour (incl. entrance fee): € 54 p.p. adults, € 44 p.p. 18-25 yrs, € 34 p.p. 6-17 yrs.
Private tour (excl. entrance*): € 195 in total
*Entrance (excl. reservation cost): €16 p.p., €2 p.p.18-25 yrs (document), free: 6-17 yrs (document).
Access Stage: + € 6 p.p.

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