Appia Antica/Catacombs/Acquaducts – Bike

The Via Appia Antica is the oldest (2300 years) Roman cobblestone road. The natural beauty to the horizon is still as it was in antiquity, beautiful and unspoilt! In the midst of this are the ancient monuments, statues, funerary sculptures, aqueducts and catacombs. Be enchanted by the quintessential Roman landscape that has so inspired travelers like Byron, Goethe and Stendhal!

– Circus Maximus
– Baths of Caracalla
– Porta San Sebastiano
– Aurelian Walls
– Circus Maxentius
– Catacombs of Callisto or San Sebastiano (no visit included)
– Via Appia Antica
– Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella
– Many remains of tombs and burial mounds
– Nymphaeum Villa dei Quintilli
– Acquaducts Park (Acqua Claudia and Acqua Felice)
– Caffarella Park
– Nymphaeum Egeria

Group tour
Duration: 3½ hours
Start: daily
Fee (incl. e-bike): € 52 p.p.

Private tour
Duration: 3½ hours
Start: daily
Fee (excl. e-bike € 22 p.p.) : € 195 total

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